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Having Fun Staying Poor and Bear Market Activities

First off, I would just like to say thank you to all my co-founders, friends, family and interns for all the support the past few years, especially the last month or two. As we all know Terra crashed and basically saw years of work gone with one Thanos snap, but I see this as a brand new opportunity. I thrive on challenges and am actually excited to rebuild everything I had and this time 10x more. I'm not talking about 10x more money, I'm talking about 10x more impact. Some value cannot be destroyed when it comes from within your mind. The knowledge, experience and connections I have been able to make over the past 2 years have allowed me to build things I've always dreamed of. Just wanted to start off by saying since the collapse I'm completely unstable mentally but I already was before this all KEK! But for real i appreciate a lot of the people who reached out to check on me and offered support but im good, Im fkn built for this shit bro like i live for this, i'm having fun staying poor. Apollo is more than a protocol, it's an ideogely, a society of success, a flexible organization that will continue building products across cosmwasm. If you know me irl then you know I have a hard time explaining my vision in school essay form but i'll give it my best shot since i'm on a long trip (kek). Okay but, this post is less about Terra, Apollo, etc and more about my personal revelations from the highs and lows. Markets change but creative people always want to build, as on chain activity slows a bit, i think off chain activity could be super bullish for this “bear” market.

Starting off working alone at home at a desk totally isolated from 90% of the crypto community and just having a (few) anon shit post accounts, i loved those times they were simple. Then I moved to Brooklyn (unrelated to crypto) and saw how many devs/artists/designers/creatives all lived so close to me now. Once things took off i started to travel the whole country to every event and meet everyone i could (much love to all the friends i've met along the way u fkn degens). I got to meet some of the most interesting people, people i've followed for years and people I used to look up to were now becoming my peers. This real life connection is what brought me to the next level and I realized that yes decentralized, remote work is amazing but it cannot substitute for the energy created in person. Getting a bunch of the smartest, most creative and hardest working people all into one room is a recipe for success. As the mania calms down I think it's key to keep your tribe together. During the previous bear market I fell out of touch with so many people and these are all off chain problems. No math formula, chain upgrade, curve pool can solve these more human nature style problems of market downturns.

With some post bull clarity, a crew of my friends will create something more tangible during this more dull time. This is where the idea for Settlers really takes its role. Having a communal space for all this talent and energy would kick off the next generation of innovation. Each person has their own expertise but we all have the same vision of a space where we can all come together and build some of the best stuff. As a now Brooklyn native, I really love the Brooklyn culture and think that although Manhattan is Manhattan that the Brooklyn degens need a spot to collaborate. Knowing how many of the crypto builders live in Brooklyn (specifically bushwick/willyB/Greenpoint area) It seems like an underserved market with a large talent pool. Talent attracts talent. I envision this being a must visit spot for any builder/creative that comes to visit the area.

Personally, im looking to achieve a few things with Settlers but i wont spoil all the alpha for u guys kek. First off,I'm looking to make this space in Brooklyn be the first of global offices for Apollo DAO and other Cosmos App chains based in NYC or traveling thru. Secondly, I want to work with other founders and help to share my experiences from founding apollo dao. Founding a project can be very traumatic and stressful, i would love to help fast track the next generation to escape some of the pitfalls and mistakes that I made. I want to start at the bottom up approach. TBH fuck your project i want to help build founders as people first. Founder life is fkn wild and nonstop but we need to help teach these founders (most in crypto tend to be rather young) to be more sustainable and independent. Build with intent and build with purpose. I dont think theres a proper word to describe exactly what this will be, as i think it will be one of the most unique places,, some try and the closest they get is to compare to Y Combinator but tbh i barely have any idea what the fuck that is im an internet degen nobody gave a shit about incubating me lmaoooo( no hate just wasnt my path and thank u for SAFES), The goal is a culture hub, not just crypto only but internet/art/Brooklyn culture. Connecting the best with the best, helping to build teams, finding roles, events, becoming the best individual you can be first so that you can build on a solid foundation and not crumble when things get hard.

I write this stupid message to you guys to try to paint the picture for what we see in our minds around building out settlers office space and honestly hope this interests some people as I dont think this should just be the vision of a few people but a combination of what the people want and what the people need. Hopefully this gives a bit of color on the plans I have going forward and how they all tie together between my passions and my projects. I would love to invite more people on this journey with me and recommend anyone interested in this in anyway (team looking for space, investors, individual builders, new founders) to fill out this type form so we can gauge interest of any other people

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